Giving Back – the Importance of Teaching Kids How to be Thankful and Generous

At this time of the year, we stop to reflect on all the things that make us thankful. A roof over our head when so many are homeless, food in our stomachs when so many go hungry, and the love of friends and family when so many are alone. As parents, it’s so important to pass on our values to …

Happy Easter

He has risen indeed! Happy Easter! mamabug

Happy Halloween! ?

Ready to go trick or treating? Have a safe and happy one! mamabug ?


A Facebook compadre in the Sonoran Desert Wildlife group took these photos in the Bradshaw Mountains several weeks ago.

He said, “the lower peaks all had huge colonies of ladybugs on the north side of every rock!”

Awesome ladybug photos!!!

– mambug


Celebrate Our Independence!

Ladybug wishes all Americans a wonderful celebration of independence!




Celebrate the beauty of our land and our people today and embrace what it truly means to be American.

Be brave and be free!


– mambug