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Fun Places to See Santa this Year in Arizona

[Published in the November 2017 edition of the Deer Valley Times} Arizona is a unique place to celebrate Christmas. Our residents weave traditional celebrations from around the country, and the world, into a magical holiday for both locals and visitors in the desert. One of our favorite visitors each holiday season is jolly old St. Nicholas, himself! Santa shows up in …

Autumn in AZ – Pumpkin Patch Season Has Arrived!

[Published in the October 2017 edition of the Deer Valley Times and the North Tatum Times} Temperatures are slowly starting to drop, leaves are beginning to change up north and everywhere you look are pumpkin patches, fall festivals, haunted houses, and Halloween costumes and decorations. Autumn has officially arrived in Arizona and we want to share Ladybug’s favorite places to celebrate …

Hiking Gear for Kids: Outfitting Ladybug for Outdoor Adventure

[Published in the October 2017 edition of the North Tatum Times} Let’s face it – gearing up for a hiking, camping or outdoor nature activity with a youngster can be a challenge. Those cute little cotton play outfits and sneakers or flip flops just won’t cut it on a trail or dirt path. Not to mention the fact that our daughter prefers dresses and …

Ladybug’s Eclipse Watching

Here in Arizona, we were able to see a partial solar eclipse around 10:30 this morning. This was a rare and exciting adventure for Ladybug, her classmates and kids and grownups across the United States!     A few fun eclipse facts: June 18, 1918, was last time a total solar eclipse was visible across the entire continental United States …

Kudos and Recognition for Ladybug’s Blog!

Great news! Ladybug’s Blog own “mamabug” was recently spotlighted in the Build Your Own Blog website’s Summer 2017 edition of the Blogger Success Bulletin. This is an extremely exciting milestone for our blog – a huge THANK YOU and a really big hug to all of our regular readers! You made this possible.   And a HUGE thank you to Build Your Own …


A Facebook compadre in the Sonoran Desert Wildlife group took these photos in the Bradshaw Mountains several weeks ago.

He said, “the lower peaks all had huge colonies of ladybugs on the north side of every rock!”

Awesome ladybug photos!!!

– mambug